About a baby with Fructose Intolerance (C-02)

A three year old male patient was transferred to your Hospital for further investigation of hepatomegaly. His parents were first cousins. It was learned that he was hospitalized for recurrent vomiting at two months of age, but no obvious cause was found and the symptoms then disappeared spontaneously. When he was three years old, his parents noticed his failure to thrive and hepatomegaly was noted on physical examination. Lab tests showed fructosemia and fructosuria. Other tests confirmed a Hereditary Fructose Intolerance. Besides fructose, which of the following carbohydrates should be obviously forbidden in this patient diet?


a)     glucose

b)     mannose

c)      starch

d)     lactose

e)     galactose

f)       sucrose

g)     maltose

h)    isomaltose






A Carbohydrate Puzzle:



Find the name of ten carbohydrates in this Carbohydrate Puzzle.