Q: About a patient with a glucagonoma.


Mouse Islet of Langerhans immunostained for Glucagon


Assume that you find a patient with a glucagon-secreting pancreatic tumor (glucagonoma). Which one of the following is most likely to result from hyperglucagonemia?


a)     Decreased lipolysis


b)     Hyperglycemia


c)      Increased muscle protein synthesis.


d)     Increased liver glycolytic rate


e)     Increased glycogenesis


Question (B-15): Flavoproteins in Krebs Cycle


In this representation of Krebs Cycle, each reaction, is marked with a number.

Select the two reactions that require the participation of Flavoproteins.


a)     1 and 3


b)     2 and 4


c)      3 and 5


d)     4 and 6


e)     5 and 7


f)       6 and 8

A question with a video clip



Observe the following clip from the movie: “A beautiful mind”:



(I-06) In the clip that appears above, the patient present seizures as a result of:


a)     An electroshock treatment


b)     A sudden increase of the entrance of glucose into the brain as a consequence of the insulin shot.


c)      The paranoic eschizophrenia the patient suffered.


d)     A sudden decrease of glucose in blood.


e)     A hepatic coma as a consequence of sudden entrance of glucose to the liver.


f)       A sudden increase of ketonic bodies in blood.


   See the explanation at the Biochemistry at the Movies page.