Q: About muscle during exercise


Which of the following metabolic conditions do you expect that is going on in the muscles of a person that is doing an intense exercise, (like weight lifting):


a)     a decrease in the consumption of Oxygen


b)     an increase synthesis of phosphocreatin


c)      ATP/ADP ratio higher that in a person at rest


d)     Increased formation of lactate


e)     Increased gluconeogenesis


f)       Increased glycogenesis










Q: About Biochemistry of Exercise


Question about Metabolic Integration (I-05): Metabolic changes during exercising muscle .


His friends told him he was becoming too big, so he decided to practice some sports, and began by playing basket ball.



                                      from maapu, in Flickr


                                – I will begin to practice sports, but I don’t know why they say that I am becoming “big”



Which of the following biochemical changes are observed in his muscles some minutes after he begin to play? (You can assume that his metabolism is similar to human metabolism):


a) A high ratio of ATP to ADP when compared the resting state


b) A decreased O2 consumption as a consequence of an increasing in anaerobic glycolysis


c) An increased formation of lactate from pyruvate


d) An increased formation of phosphocreatin from creatin in muscle tissue


e) An increased formation of muscle glycogen using glucose transported from the liver


f) A decreased consumption of fatty acids as a consequence of a decrease in beta-oxidation.