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During some years of teaching Biochemistry, students have often asked me about Biochemistry Question Banks that they could use for studying. Unfortunately, there are only very few books that include significant, relevant and updated biochemistry questions for medical students.


The main goal of this blog is to offer pre-medical students, medical students and Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG), a bank of questions that could be used:


a)      As a checking tool for pre-medical students about the information that they need for being properly prepared for beginning the study of Biochemistry at the Medical Colleges.


b)      As a tool for medical students for self-evaluation of their preparation in specific topics before Biochemistry and NBME assessment exams


c)       As a study tool for medical students and FMG who are preparing for Step I of USMLE.


Since American students need  to pass the United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE)  in order to graduate and be licensed,  and Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG) who wish to work in the United States also need to pass these exams to be able to do residencies and work in the USA, the questions that appear in this blog have been written in multiple choice format and include, when possible, clinical vignettes, following the recommendations described in the NBME Guide “Constructing Written Test Questions For the Basic and Clinical Sciences” (Case, S.M  and Swanson, D.B.; National Board of Medical Examiners, Third Edition Revised) (This blog is not related to these authors)


Since I believe that the best way of using a Bank of Questions is for self evaluation, the answers and the explanation to the questions will not appear the same day. I strongly recommend that you study the specific topic using your textbooks and the professor notes and then come to this site and try to answer the questions by yourselves. The answers and the appropriate explanations will be posted in a different day of the same week.


I hope that this blog can be useful to you and that you may enjoy also the additional information related to Biochemistry that I couldn’t resist including in this blog.


Dr. H.D. Urquiza Hernandez, MD

Specialist in Clinical Biochemistry

PhD in Biological Sciences




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20 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. I have reviewed in general the contents of this blog and I find it very interesting and useful.
    I’ll recommend it to some friends and specially to my nephew who is willing to study Medicine in the future.
    Thank you, dear friend, for such important contribution.
    Don mandy

  2. Thanks, Dr. Armando. I am happy that you liked it. I am planning to develop a Blog for Premed Chemistry and a Medical Biochemistry blog in Spanish. I will let you know when I begin those projects.

  3. Dear Dr. Hernandez,

    Wow. Thank you so much for writing such concise, clear-cut explanations. I just read your explanation on the metabolic fate of the carbon skeleton of amino acids and, having tried to glean this information from various other sources, found your explanation to be the best. I will definitely be using this site extensively — thanks again for making this site!

    Best wishes,

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  5. Dear Hector,
    I have to double congratulate you. First, for the great content you have on this blog (Great collection of videos!) and second, for the effort you make in uploading content in spanish.
    I do something similar on MCQs about pharmacology topics in my blog: pharmamotion.com.ar. I try to update my blog in spanish farmacologiaymedicina.com but I find hard to keep both blogs updated. That’s why I admire your energies in keeping up both sites. As you can see we have some things in common.
    I have added “Temas de Bioquímica” to my blogroll in Farmacologiaymedicina.com. I would really appreciate if you could add pharmamotion to Biochemistry questions’blogroll.

  6. Dear Dr. Hernandez,

    wonderful site for teaching under graduates.I have reviewed in general the contents of this blog and I find it very interesting and useful.
    I will definitely be using this site extensively — thanks again for making this site!

    • Thanks for your kind words!
      I am happy that this blog is useful!
      Please, send your ideas for improving the blog!

  7. Great site, but curious why the posted questions have so many answer choices. NBOME has only 5 potential responses for each question. Thanks for putting together such a helpful review site for our students.

  8. i) Why is β-hydroxybutyrate a commonly used as a source of electrons? This is not
    an easy question, since you have to explain why use this compound rather than a
    component of the Krebs cycle.
    ii) ATP is synthesized in the matrix and adding ADP with a syringe to a suspension is
    adding it to the cytoplasmic side. How does cytoplasmic ADP enter the matrix and
    how does this ensure that ADP/ATP ratios reach the same levels in the two
    iii) If the student had done a good job preparing mitochondria, what ratio should be

  9. I just did poorly on a biochem summer test and I’m so thankful to find your website. There are so few resources available!
    Now I have a chance on doing well on my final!

  10. I am a Biochemistry lecturer and I found the site very interesting and useful. Will be recommending it to my students. Keep up the good work!

  11. i have a question please..? Why our body needs different types of proteins in our body.Imean why not only one protein(e.g myosin),performs all function in our body?rply please i m waiting.thnx.

  12. I am honored to have been in your class and wish I would have found this site earlier! What I really like is how you are able to describe some very complex concepts in a way that transcends to a language I can relate to.

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