About Dragon Metabolism (again).

Of course, the post “New lights on Dragon Metabolism”, posted on April 1st. was a joke for April Fools day. I invented

the whole Dragogenin issue!

Some clues that could have allowed the readers to detect that it was a joke:       

          The date of the release of the information, April 1st., is repeated three times along the post.


          The News Agency:  It is not Reuters, or UPI, or AP or AFP, but an imaginary AMP (Adenosin MonoPhosphate agency!).


          The place where the information was released: Nogare, an imaginary place, whose name is the name of the famous dragon movies “Eragon” written backwards.


          Komodo University: Of course, an imaginary University.


          The reference to imaginary, mythological creatures as ancient dragons that were living in Europe in the V -VII centuries.


          And of course, the note at the end of the post: “This post was released on April, 1st, 2009 (Happy A.F.)”, meaning Happy  April Fools!


Conclusions: Do not believe everything you read, mainly if it is on April Fools!




One thought on “About Dragon Metabolism (again).

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