Q: About Respiratory chain



Redox reactions of this complex do not generate enough energy for pumping protons to the intermembrane space:


a)     Complex I


b)     Complex II


c)      Complex III


d)     Complex IV




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7 thoughts on “Q: About Respiratory chain

    • Try again. I will give you a clue:
      Why the oxidation of 1 mol of NADH.H+ in the respiratory chain, produce 1 mol of ATP more than the oxidation of 1 mol of FADH2?

  1. From a figure i remember seeing, the only complex that didnt let H enter the interspace was complex II (but i thought it was because structurally it didnt make a porin)

  2. It’s complex II (FADH-Q oxidoreductase). It does not pump protons to the intermembranous space,that’s why the P:O ratio of FADH is 2:1 compared to NADH which is 3:1

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