Question about Bioenergetics (B-09)



Intravenous nitroprusside rapidly lowers elevated blood pressure through its direct vasodilating action. It is use to treat severe hypertension in acute care situations.  It must be administered cautiously, since it is converted to cyanide and its use sometimes is checked for toxicity. Certainly this is advisable, since cyanide act in the Respiratory chain as:


a)     Inhibitor of the ATP/ADP exchange


b)     Inhibitor of the ATP synthase


c)      Inhibitor of Cytochrome Oxidase


d)     Inhibitor of Complex III


e)     Inhibitor of the NADH.H dehydrogenase


f)       Inhibitor of translocases


g)     Ionophor agent increasing the permeability of the inner membrane


h)    Uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation from electron transfer chain









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