Q: About Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

Question about Hormones (H-07)


Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) occurs as a consequence of genetic deficit of enzymes that participate in the conversion of cholesterol to cortisol. Failure in producing cortisol results in an increase of ACTH secretion and consequently an increased production of androgens and aldosterone disbalance, (most of the cases also show an unability to synthesize aldosterone).  As a result, clinical consequences can be detected in the newborn, from ambiguous genitalia up to salt-losing crisis that threatens the life of the newborn. That is why newborn screening for this disease exists in almost all states. The enzyme deficiency that is most common in CAH is:


a)     11 hydroxylase


b)     17 hydroxylase


c)      21 hydroxylase


d)     Desmolase


e)     HMGCoA reductase


f)       HMGCoA synthase


g)     HMGCoA Lyase


h)    Sterol cyclase




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