About Protein Energy Malnutrition

Child with Kwashiorkor


( Q: N-09 )Severe forms of Protein Energy Malnutrition that can be seen mainly in infants and young children are Marasmus and Kwashiorkor. A sign that help to differentiate between  Marasmus and Kwashiorkor is that in Kwashiorkor we find:


a)     Edema


b)     severe muscle waisting


c)      severely depleted body fat


d)     normal concentration of plasmatic proteins


e)     very decreased weight (usually less than 60 % of the normal weight)




One thought on “About Protein Energy Malnutrition

  1. Kwashiorkor is found in children with the age between 1 years to 4 years. Deficiency of protein rich food cause kwashiorkor, however he will get some protein from breast milk and other stable food but he used that small amount of protein for produce energy for his daily need. Therefore, he has no protein left to row and make his body strong.
    A child with marasmus is younger, between 6 months to 2years old. Marasmus develops because the child does not eat enough food.
    you will get more information in my blog:http://healththeexplanation.blogspot.com/

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