Carbohydrate Extended Matching Questions



Questions C-06 to C-08 








Another format you can expect to see in your Multiple Choice exams:





Choose, among the following polysaccharides, which correspond to each of the questions that appear below:



a)     Cellulose



b)     Glycogen



c)      Starch



d)     Hyaluronic acid



e)     Heparin



f)       Chondroitin Sulfate



(C-06) This carbohydrate acts as lubricant of synovial fluid and contributes to

            tensile strength and elasticity of cartilages and tendons. It is also an

            important component of skin.





(C-07) It is the most important polysaccharide in human diet:





(C-08 ) It is the form in which glucose is stored in muscle and liver for ulterior use as fuel:






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