Q: Pentose phosphate Pathway and Thiamine Deficiency

Biochemistry Question CM-04 about Carbohydrate Metabolism



                            Derek Farr in Flickr


                               (Artist: Tim Burke, Detroit; photo source:  Derek Farr in Flickr)


C. W., a 60 year-old male chronic alcoholic patient, is taken to the emergency department in a hypoglycemic coma. After appropriate treatment to correct the hypoglycemia, you realize that the patient show signs of malnutrition, so you will begin a treatment for it. Which of the following enzymes of the Pentose phosphate Pathway can be used to test for a thiamine deficiency?


a)     Aldolase


b)     Glucose 6 (P) dehydrogenase


c)      Phosphogluconate dehydrogenase


d)     Phosphopentose epimerase


e)     Phosphopentose isomerase


f)       Transaldolase


g)     Transketolase





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