About the ASME 2008 Scientific Meeting “New Horizons in Medical Education”


I received yesterday the Registration form and program of the Annual Scientific Meeting for the Study of Medical Education, organized by the ASME (Association for the Study of Medical Education).


Let me share with you some features of this meeting:


It will be held from September 10 to September 12 in the Charles Wilson Building,  University of Leicester, Leicester, UK.


                                           Charles Wilson Building, photo by stevecadman, flickr



 The program includes posters and papers presentations, lectures, meetings, workshops and commercial and academic exhibitions.


Some of the Workshops that will be developed are the following:


– Sharing Resources and good practice in medical and healthcare education development.

– Producing an electronic curriculum map

– Detecting and supporting undergraduate students in difficulty

– Developing high quality multiple choice items to assess application of knowledge using patient


– The uses of arts in medical training.

– Moving from paper and pen to e-assessment in medical education.

– Working with bilingual simulated patients in healthcare

– Good Medical Practice: Fact or Fiction?


The Lord Cohen Lecture will be on models of self-regulation within the health profession.


Professor Gilly Salmon, professor of e-learning and learning technologies at the University of Leicester, will conduct a session about “Learning futures: evidences and options.”


Different Meetings will be held during the conference days including:


          ASME Annual General Meeting

          The Extended Education Research Group Meeting

          ASME Council Meeting

          Understanding Medical Education Advisory Board Meeting


There will be specific sessions for students:



          The Future of Medical Education

          Global Medical Education

          Identifying your learning style


For more detailed information about this meeting, you may visit




Or contact the ASME office: jenniferb@asme.org.uk



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