Q (LM-02): About Statins


Lipid Metabolism question LM-02:


                                             Structure  of Lovastatin





In spite of an appropriate diet and exercise program, an otherwise asymptomatic patient shows high levels of total cholesterol in the blood. Since the patient shows severe hypercholesterolemia, you decided to introduce a drug in the treatment. You prescribe Lovastatin, a statin drug, to your patient. This drug will lower the cholesterol levels in blood as a consequence of a process that is initiated when this drug acts as a competitive inhibitor of the enzyme:


a)     7 dehydrocholesterol reductase


b)     Beta-hydroxymethyl glutaryl Co A synthase


c)      Beta- hydroxymethyl glutaryl Co A reductase


d)     Farnesyl transferase


e)     Isopentenyl pyrophosphate isomerase


f)       Mevalonate kinase


g)     Prenyl transferase


h)     Squalene synthase


i)      Squalene monoxygenase


j)      Squalene cyclase




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