More questions about amino acid metabolism


Q: AM-02


An amino acid that yields acetoacetyl CoA during the catabolism of its carbon skeleton would be considered:


a)     glycogenic

b)     ketogenic

c)      glycogenic and ketogenic

d)     neither glycogenic nor ketogenic

e)     essential

f)       non essential


Answer to AM-02



Q: AM-03


The necessary coenzyme for transamination reactions is:


a)     NAD

b)     FAD

c)      FMN

d)     Pyridoxal Phosphate

e)     Thiamine Pyrophosphate

f)       Coenzyme A

g)     tetrahydrobiopterin

h)    Folate


Answer to AM-o3



Q: AM-04


The NH3 produced in muscle degradation of nitrogenated compounds is transported through blood to the liver using as carriers:


a)     alanine and glutamine

b)     urea and alanine

c)      NH4 and glutamate

d)     Glutamate and glutamine

e)     Alpha-ketoglutarate and urea


Answer to AM-04



Q: AM-05


Nitric oxide and urea have in common the fact that they both have as an immediate precursor the amino acid:


a)     Aspartate

b)     arginine

c)      glutamate

d)     phenylalanine

e)     tyrosine

f)       tryptophan


 Answer to AM-05




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