Basic Questions about Enzymes.



Choose the best answer:



Enzyme Question E-02



Inactive precursors of some enzymes that are activated through hydrolysis reactions are called:


a)     allosteric enzymes

b)     apoenzymes

c)      holloenzymes

d)     prosthetic groups

e)     zymogens




Enzyme Question E-03


L-amino acid dehydrogenase is an enzyme that can catalyze the oxidation of different L-amino acids. It can not catalyze the oxidation of D-amino acids or other L-compounds. Based on these characteristics we can say that this enzyme shows:


a)     absolute specificity over substrate

b)     allosteric regulation

c)      relative specificity over substrate

d)     specificity of action

e)     specific inhibition




Enzyme Question E-04


These enzymes have different structure but the same catalytic function. Frequently they are oligomers made from different polypeptide chains. These enzymes are called:


a)     allosteric enzymes

b)     isozymes

c)      lyases

d)     proenzymes

e)     zymogens





Enzyme Question E-05



The model that explain that the active site is flexible and the catalytic group(s) of the enzyme is (are) brought into proper alignment by the substrate is called


a)     Concerted model

b)     Induced fit model

c)      Lock and key model

d)     Michaellis Menten model

e)     Sequential model





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