1000 Views…let’s have a Biochemical party!




Certainly a lot of people do not think that having 1000 views in a blog is enough for having a party…but look at it this way:



1.- This blog has a little more than a month of existence


2.- I do not write about Obama, Hillary or Mc Cain,


3.-I do not write about Britney Spears or American Idol


4.- I do not write about Sports


5.- I write about BIOCHEMISTRY, people!!!



 So I think I can have a little celebration because of these 1000 views…


Let’s have some Biochemical Music!!!


Hemoglobin is moving around





The Ribosome




Protein synthesis dance




No Air/Aerobic vs anaerobic




The OSU Band presents the Krebs Cycle



And for finishing, the already famous…


Bio-Rad PCR song


Thanks to the visitors! I hope that……


You’ll be back!


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