More questions about Carbohydrates and Medicine

Question C-03


A 15-year-old black male patient complains that lately, after the ingestion of dairy products, he experiences bloating, cramps and flatulence, and sometimes diarrhea.  With this information, it is reasonable to think that the patient is intolerant to:


a)     cellobiose

b)     lactose

c)     mannose

d)     sucrose

e)     maltose

f)      isomaltose

g)     fructose


      Answer to C-03 



Question C-04


This heteropolysaccharide has multiple uses in Medicine that include its use in blood transfusions to prevent the blood from coagulating before administration, as anticoagulant therapy in prophylaxis and treatment of venous thrombosis and its extension, in pulmonary embolisms and in other similar situations:


a)     Hyaluronic acid

b)     Chondroitin- 4- Sulfate

c)     Chondroitin- 6- Sulfate

d)     Heparin

e)     Dermatan Sulfate


Answer to C-04



Question C-05


Human beings don’t have the enzymes necessary for the hydrolysis of the beta1,4-O-glycosidic linkages between molecules of glucose. That is why we can not digest this compound and it is part of some laxatives.


a)     cellulose

b)     glycogen

c)     amylose

d)     amylopectin

e)     lactose

f)       sucrose



 Answer to C-05


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